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Welcome to EOH Forensic Services

EOH provides high quality services that include:

  • Administration
  • Adjustment
  • Forensic services

These services are provided nationally to more than 100 insurance and assurance underwriters, underwriting managers and brokerages in South Africa and South African Developing Countries (SADC).

Investigate » Assess » Track » Verify

Our extensive reach and indisputable expertise affords us the chance to offer you value-added services in all aspects of the insurance industry. Our highly qualified assessors are well-versed in all manner of claims, assessments, verifications, investigations and forensics, and are trained to provide you with rapid results.

Professional, yet simple approach:

  • Our examiners apply reason to determine validity of claims;
  • They critically analyse all evidence relating to a claim; and
  • They report on factually supported conclusions without justification of a preconceived result.

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Our offices in Pretoria and presence in Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, East London, Kathu (Northern Cape), Bloemfontein, Mbombela (Nelspruit), Polokwane (Pietersburg) and Gaborone in Botswana, allow us to service organisations in South Africa and most of the South African Developing Countries (SADC). Our team of 100 examiners and adjusters travel throughout South Africa and the neighbouring countries to provide the following services:


Short Term Industry

  • General claims assessing and verification
  • Complex and large value forensic examinations
  • Application and policy assessment and verification
  • Broker, claimant, provider, beneficiary and witness interviews
  • Ombud / Regulator enquiries management
  • Forensic audits on service provider spent
  • Fraud, corruption and criminal reporting
  • Stolen and hijacked vehicle recovery services
  • Risk segmentation and analytics services
  • Risk evaluation and survey
  • Record keeping of all involved in criminal schemes

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Long Term Industry

  • Funeral and hospital plan claims
  • Life, credit life and disability claims assessing and verification
  • Health claims

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What differentiates EOH?

There are a few distinct factors that differentiate EOH and ensure that you as our valued client are one step ahead of the pack…

  1. EOH Forensic Services’ CEO is the President of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners SA Chapter, the only professional body for forensic practitioners in the country. He was also the co-founder and chair of the board of directors of the South African Insurance Crime Bureau.
  2. We proudly employ more than 30 internationally qualified fraud examiners, 11 internationally qualified veracity analysts, and 7 forensic accountants. The company has won international and national awards including Corporate Member of the Year of the ACFE Africa in 2013, 2014 and 2015.
  3. We have a national presence with offices and/or resident assessors in all the provinces of South Africa as well as in Gaborone, Botswana.
  4. EOH’s approach to fraud risk management is professional and to the point, which has resulted in the proactive prevention of fraud losses saving our clients in excess of R2.3 billion over the past 72 months.
  5. As a level 2 BBB-EE contributor and wholly owned subsidiary of the EOH Group, our service as well as expense solutions are tailored to suit our clients’ needs and are adapted to meet each of our clients’ requirements, as well as their respective budgetary limitations in terms of fraud risk management.
  6. Not only are we abiding to the ACFE International Code of Ethics, but we also have a very strict Code of Conduct incorporated in our employment contract. To complement the codes, all investigative findings are reviewed by CFE’s and practicing attorneys to ensure that reporting occurs within the boundaries of the laws and regulations of South Africa. We have not had a single ruling against our findings, from both a judiciary as well as an industry regulator point of view.

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From the Desk of Servaas

Dear colleagues & business partners Looking back on 2017, we witnessed massive data-leaks exposing unethical business practices which, I believe, has created many uncertainties to every business and citizen in South Africa. At EOH Forensic Services, however, we continued to vigorously fight fraud.  We managed to prevent more than R300 million in fraud losses for […]


Taking the Lid off

EXPOSEit is a powerful whistleblowing tool to provide a safe, 100% anonymous and confidential voice to employees who may be victims of, or bear witness to, inappropriate behavior of any kind that could impact on them directly or on their institution or organisation. The free mobile app is available to all employees for download to […]


Looking through a magnifying glass at white-collar crime

The International Association of Certified Fraud Examiners had recently found that businesses are losing an average of 5% of their yearly turnover due to dishonesty and white-collar crime.  This confirms that no business is excluded from the risk of losses due to white-collar crime.  If one looks at the fraud triangle as to why people […]


Your lifeboat solution in weathering stormy volumes

We are happy to announce that EOH-FS as well as EOH-Abantu have launched a new solution – STI Assessing Services – that can assist your business with the unpredictability of claim volumes as well as expert advice.  Our competent, experienced and skilled advisors can assist with internal capacity shortages / catastrophe claims and any overflow […]


  • You're simply the best!! Tx a mill. Regards,

    Girlie Zungu Santam
    Girlie Zungu Santam Compliment
  • Hi Marelise, weet jy dis die eerste keer dat ons nou moet eis by Santam, ek as moet sê dat julle / jou diens fantasties is. Dankie dat jy die eis so vinnig vir ons probeer afhandel. Geniet die dag verder! Groete,

    Charlene Esteruizen
    Charlene Esteruizen Thank You Note !
  • Dear Bruce, trusting you are well. We would like to compliment you on the outstanding, compassionate service our client received yesterday from an assessor Tanya Erasmus from Censeo. She went out to see our client with flowers and her compassion and understanding of her sad incident was greatly appreciated. We as brokers are most grateful to yours for such great service and most importantly taking our clients' feelings and emotions in your assessment. Keep up the great service. Regards,

    Louise Amiras
    Louise Amiras compliment
  • Hallo Thys, ek wil net jou net graag bedank vir die wyse waarop jy hierdie eis hanteer het. Ek het ook geen klagtes ontvang van die kliënt nie. Groete,

    Yda du Toit
    Yda du Toit Happy client
  • Dankie Ané vir jou uitstekende diens en deeglikheid in hierdie saak. Dit word baie waardeer.

    Leo Hulsman
    Leo Hulsman
  • Hallo Edmar, dankie vir jou vinnige en profesionele optrede ter afhandeling van die eis.

    Frik Combrinck Makelaars
    Frik Combrinck Makelaars Satisfied Client
  • Lex, you are the best assessor ever! Thank you so much for helping us.

    Natasha Peacock
    Natasha Peacock Very Happy Client
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