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From the desk of Servaas

Dear colleagues & business partners On the 1st of September eight years ago, we embarked on a journey that evolved into a much bigger purpose than what we originally envisioned.  What started off as CENSEO focussing on reducing insurance claims cost leakage, developed into EOH Forensic Services – a professional fraud-fighting machine. Yes, we have had […]


Unique Vehicle Theft Solution

Stolen Vehicle Claims Investigation Solutions Understanding both the trends in the frequency of vehicle theft and hi-jacking incidents and the severity in the value of stolen vehicles, are subjects that require expertise.  EOH-FS has built the skills and are now investing in technology and resources, specifically to allow in-depth focus on identifying risk in these […]



Whistleblowing – how effective is it really in fighting occupational fraud? Occupational fraud is likely the largest and most prevalent threat to businesses without many of them realising it.  Occupational fraud is fraud committed from within against the business by its own officers, directors, or employees.  Businesses are so focused on operations and profit that […]


Security as a Service (SECaaS)

Businesses throughout the world are experiencing unprecedented cyber-attack volumes, whether organisations are aware of it or not.  The growth in the number of threats has a direct correlation to the number of attacks.  To illustrate this, the number of attacks doubled from 4 to 8 per second in the last quarter of 2017, leading to […]

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