From the Desk of Servaas

Dear colleagues & business partners Looking back on 2017, we witnessed massive data-leaks exposing unethical business practices which, I believe, has created many uncertainties to every business and citizen in South Africa. At EOH Forensic Services, however, we continued to vigorously fight fraud.  We managed to prevent more than R300 million in fraud losses for […]


Taking the Lid off

EXPOSEit is a powerful whistleblowing tool to provide a safe, 100% anonymous and confidential voice to employees who may be victims of, or bear witness to, inappropriate behavior of any kind that could impact on them directly or on their institution or organisation. The free mobile app is available to all employees for download to […]


Looking through a magnifying glass at white-collar crime

The International Association of Certified Fraud Examiners had recently found that businesses are losing an average of 5% of their yearly turnover due to dishonesty and white-collar crime.  This confirms that no business is excluded from the risk of losses due to white-collar crime.  If one looks at the fraud triangle as to why people […]


Your lifeboat solution in weathering stormy volumes

We are happy to announce that EOH-FS as well as EOH-Abantu have launched a new solution – STI Assessing Services – that can assist your business with the unpredictability of claim volumes as well as expert advice.  Our competent, experienced and skilled advisors can assist with internal capacity shortages / catastrophe claims and any overflow […]


The Proof is in the LVA

Layered Voice Analysis Technology (LVA) was invented in Israel for security purposes. Today civilian markets like us also have the benefit to make use of LVA technology. LVA is technology that detects and monitors a very wide spectrum of ‘Brain Activity States’ which include excitement, cognitive activity, stress, concentration, confusion, attention, anticipation and in some […]

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