Cyber Criminals – the predator and the prey

Cyber attacks demonstrate vulnerabilities and present threats that have the potential to cause significant damage.  The world, for example, experienced the impact of the WannaCry Ransomware malware attack on Friday 12 May which saw over 300 000 computers in 150 countries affected. The WannaCry ransomware computer worm targets computers, encrypting data and then displays a “ransom note” demanding payments of around $300 in […]


From the Desk of Servaas

Hi everyone, Yes, believe it, we are in the middle of 2017…  Time really has flown since my last communication and I have much to share after a rather busy first six months.  We have introduced a spectrum of new service offerings in both the short- and long-term insurance industries, our general forensic services are […]


Our Loss Adjusting Service Offering – Unique and Innovative

It is not just in South Africa where Insurance Claim Loss Adjusters/Insurance Claims Assessors are appointed when assessing claims, but a worldwide practice and phenomenon. Internationally, general insurance policies and principles apply, however South Africa is somewhat unique due to the high motor accident incidents as a well as high crime rate which includes, theft, […]


Finding the Needle in the Unclaimed Benefits Haystack

The FSB has estimated that over R20 billion is due to more than 3 million individuals in unclaimed benefits. The Registrar of Pension Funds has recently announced that there is approximately R10 billion worth of unclaimed benefits in the mining industry and if these amounts aren’t excessively high enough, the Government Gazette estimated that R10 […]


DIY Truth Verification Pre-employment Tests?

By now the Layered Voice Analysis has in most instances become an integral part of the pre-employment screening of potential candidates applying for new positions. The process has generally been handled by specific call centres staffed with trained analysts. Results need to be interpreted and reports then drafted and sent to clients with the results. Although […]

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