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It is not just in South Africa where Insurance Claim Loss Adjusters/Insurance Claims Assessors are appointed when assessing claims, but a worldwide practice and phenomenon.

Internationally, general insurance policies and principles apply, however South Africa is somewhat unique due to the high motor accident incidents as a well as high crime rate which includes, theft, robbery, burglaries and car jacking’s.

The function of the Loss Adjuster is an important role in the insurance claims process to ensure that all facts are presented to the Insurer accurately and timeously, relating to an incident of damage or loss, to ensure that the Insurer is afforded the opportunity to cost and make the correct decision on a claim.  In the case of valid claims, it is the responsibility of the Insurer to place the client back in the same or similar position that they were in prior to the incident or loss.  This will also allow the Insurer to settle valid claims and authorise preferred service providers to repair, replace or pay the claimants out cash in lieu. Where liability is denied by the Insurer in terms of the exclusions of the contract and policy they have in place with an insured, or there is misrepresentation, dishonesty or fraud, this will also be communicated by the Insurer to the insured/claimant.

Insurers are increasingly searching for ways to gain control over claims expenses.  By keeping claim and additional processing costs under control, Insurers can keep premiums competitive.  For decades, accurate and fair loss adjusting in the short-term insurance industry has played a key role in the sustainability of affordable short-term insurance premiums.

Quick speed of service and accurate claims quantification has however become the norm to a more demanding claimant.  The pressure on claims staff in the high-volume claims processing environment more than often leads to unforced errors and misinterpretation of recommendations in Loss Adjuster reports – resulting in unnecessary claims leakage.  Is there a solution to this challenge?

  • Loss Adjusters should understand the importance of their reputation in the marketplace and should also appreciate that the ultimate success of their clients, the Insurers, are dependent on the successful implementation of a sound claims philosophy
  • The approach is to recommend settlement on all valid claims fairly, accurately and as quickly as possible, thereby ensuring clients receive awesome claims service and a memorable experience
  • Unfortunately, it is a reality that there are opportunists and blatant fraudsters who will attempt to submit fraudulent and dishonest claims. The success of any business and reputation lies in the successful execution of this approach

At EOH-FS our philosophy is designed to achieve a balance between legal principles of insurance and contract law, the approach to claims by the industry as a whole, the expectations of the industry regulators, the Broker and the client community as a whole.

At EOH-FS we embrace the value of innovation.  By using our in-house developed Android and iOS compatible mobile loss adjusting application suite, we have a solution that enables our Loss Adjusters to assess, complete an electronic inventory signed by the claimant and quantify a loss or incident conforming to the same quality standards anywhere in the country.  This mobile loss adjusting application is available to all Loss Adjusters and Loss Adjusting companies in the industry, including in house Loss Adjusters and Assessors.

With the Mobile Application, experienced Loss Adjusters are skilled to assess, adjust and accurately quantify losses.  Claims Administrators can expect consistency in reporting and quantification recommendations.  The mobile loss adjusting application suite feature assists in reducing mistakes and an improved customer experience.

At EOH-FS an additional benefit to the Insurer is that our experienced Assessors are trained to identify potentially high-risk claims during assessments and to attend to Catastrophe claims anywhere in South Africa.  They can instantly alert the Insurer to direct processing of such a claims to a high-risk verification channel, should it be required.

By combining our national footprint, unique assessing skills and the latest mobile application technology we offer very competitive loss adjusting rates ultimately contributing to reduced claims processing costs.  We invite you to contact us at info@eoh-fs.co.za for more information on how we can package your bespoke solution.


Len Coetzee
Executive Head

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