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EXPOSEit is a powerful whistleblowing tool to provide a safe, 100% anonymous and confidential voice to employees who may be victims of, or bear witness to, inappropriate behavior of any kind that could impact on them directly or on their institution or organisation.

The free mobile app is available to all employees for download to any Android or Apple device. It is used as a highly effective tool to anonymously communicate by way of a simple report or a two-way conversation, with a trained, independent Control Centre Operator who will debrief the reporting user and assist them as is appropriate.  These reports can be utilised to bring attention to any incidents of unacceptable behavior.

The App can further be used to upload and send video files, photos, documents or any other form of evidence available to the whistleblower.  The system can also be used to send general notifications to the entire user base in real-time and at no extra cost using push messaging.

Report Anonymously – the EXPOSEit Mobile App allows users to anonymously report incidents of unacceptable behaviour. They can include text, images, or video. It only takes a few seconds.

Incidents may include:

  • Fraud
  • Corruption
  • Dishonesty
  • Abuse of assets
  • Discrimination
  • Ethics or criminal violations such as corruption, cheating, theft or plagiarism

Two-Way Messaging – real-time, two-way, anonymous dialog with a representative from their organisation without any fear of identification or retribution. This allows administrators to ask questions about the report and conduct a more effective investigation.

Push Message Notifications – policy updates, urgent information, reminders and notices can be distributed by push message through EXPOSEit Messenger at no cost.

All information collected via the app from users within the organization is reviewed, categorized, recorded and stored for further analysis at a future date.

Evidence and investigative actions are automatically time and date stamped for compliance and reference purposes.

The Powerful reporting dashboard, alerts the appropriate administrators and quickly turns data into actionable intelligence.  The system data is analysed and analytical reports can be drawn for businesses with regards to specific incidents and trends w.r.t individuals reported, offices, departments, etc.

Built-in reminders and other workflow tools maximise resource efficiencies and case management to significantly reduce time spent on investigating incidents.

Should you be interested in this application, please contact us at info@eoh-fs.co.za

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