Insurance Application Suite

Main Functions & Features

An application designed specifically to suit the non-motor and motor claim requirements of the customer, from pre-inception throughout the policy lifecycle.

The scanning functionality limits the most common human errors and delivers very powerful management information in terms of risk. Benefits include:

COST — No input capital investment required which makes the app affordable to all insurers, regardless of budget constraints

BRANDING — Client has the option to brand the app with his own corporate logo which will enhance brand awareness

CUSTOMISATION — Layout, specific requirements and instructions are flexible and can be customised according to underwriter / client preference

APPLICABLE — The suite caters for all short term insurance and specific life insurance business, from pre-inception of property / vehicles, through stock management in terms of salvage, and most importantly claims management and quantification

INTERACTIVE — Customer and employee interaction is possible

RETENTION — Customer, broker and vendor loyalty due to making it easier to interact with the insurer / procurement / sales / claims departments


Additional Capabilities

The app also makes provision in terms of the following capabilities:

  1. A single workspace where the assessor has a summarised view of the whole claim and all the components as stipulated on the policy schedule
  2. A standardised assessment process whereby standard templates will be used to guide the assessor during the assessment process
  3. An efficient assessment process allowing the assessor to search, filter and even move items without duplication or recapturing
  4. System driven costing calculations for percentages on one-third average calculations for example, and distinguishing between valuable and non-valuable items
  5. Real-time, user-friendly inventory items with capturing, preview and digital signing capabilities
  6. System-generated reports inclusive of all information captured during the assessment process

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