A funeral policy is designed to pay a prompt, tax-free lump sum on the death of a relative to alleviate the sudden financial burden caused by funeral costs. The process for assessment and validation of funeral claims is a high voluminous, short turnaround time process which needs to support the purpose for the cover. EOH developed a process supported by technology (VERITAS system developed to determine risk) wherein the purpose for insurance cover can be verified.

VERITAS was developed to support and manage a high volume, quick turnaround time claim process. VERITAS will assist in determining risk and will support your philosophy to pay low risk claims within 48 hours. VERITAS is web-based and user friendly.

EOH offers a one-stop quick turnaround time solution to combat fraud and minimizing the risk of paying out benefits to clients who are not entitled to it according to policy terms and conditions.

Key benefits of VERITAS:

  • Quick systematic management process to enhance and optimize current claims process;
  • Global overview on daily risk;
  • Immediate segmentation based on industry risk;
  • Effective on-the-road and desktop assessment;
  • Decision making processes on the outcome of a claim is factual;
  • Improved management information on trends; and
  • Increased customer satisfaction due to improved turnaround times.

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