Long Term Insurance Industry

Our assessors are adept at assessing all manner of claims that pertain to long term insurance and related policies to ensure that all payable claims are valid. Take a look at our areas of service…

Funeral Claims and Hospital Plan Claims

We will investigate any queries relating to Funeral and Hospital Plan claims by completing the following services:

  • Application of predictive analytics to segment high-risk claims for further investigation. Enabling underwriters to finalise valid claims within 48 hours
  • Desktop and on-the-road assessment and verification processes to ensure proper action is taken against unscrupulous fraudsters

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Life, Credit Life And Disability Claims Assessing and Verification

Features of this valuable EOH offering include:

  • Application and policy assessment and verification
  • Claimant, beneficiary and witness interviews
  • Medical record release and collection
  • Alive and well checks through surveillance and enquiries
  • Hospital and medical checks for pre-existing conditions
  • Verification of certified medical records
  • Medical examiner and/or coroner inquiries
  • Collection of documentation
  • Area of incident inspection and photography
  • Funeral home, burial and gravesite services
  • Ombud / Regulator enquiries management
  • Record keeping of all involved in criminal schemes


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