SECaaS Immune System Platform

How does a company become compliant while defending itself from constant cyber threats?

  • A strategic cyber security focus with risk management approach from executive level is crucial, along with technical and administrative controls that should follow industry recognised frameworks and standards i.e. the ISO27000 range.
  • Businesses of all sizes should enter into a strategic agreement with their cyber security vendor partners which maintain a holistic business and cyber threat view, that can build a sustainable long term strategy that can envision, create, implement, maintain and walk the full distance of the cyber security roadmap of their client. These types of companies will gain successful protection and compliance.
  • Selecting a SECaaS vendor partner should be based on a complete yet modular immune system platform, the maturity of their AI must underpin the whole immune system including that of individual stand-alone modules. Your vendor partner should have a thorough understanding of the complete cyber security landscape with strong consulting experience, system architecture knowledge, be fluent in assisting with the creation of relevant policy, implementation of policy and the capability to compliment your existing security layers.
  • As a SECaaS vendor partner to their clients, EOH Forensic Services understands legislative compliance, cyber risks and associated mitigation requirements. Our AgentX SECaaS offering provides affordable preventative and sustainable AI based solutions and services built on the only available yet complete immune system platform powered by IBM technology that will cater for the pace and dynamics at which cyber security is evolving.
  • This technology is an asset for any business, not a threat.
  • This technology is effective, efficient, AI intelligent, provides automated remediation and supplies true and holistic security.

Our commitment is find it, fix it, manage & secure it – fast!

EOH FS SECaaS – powered by IBM technology – we lead with our clients.


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