Short Term Insurance Industry

Our assessors are adept at assessing all manner of short term insurance claims and can help you ensure that all payable claims are valid. Take a look at our areas of service…

Short Term Industry / High Risk Claims

  • General claims assessing and verification
  • Complex and large value forensic examinations
  • Application and policy assessment and verification
  • Broker, claimant, provider, beneficiary and witness interviews
  • Ombud / Regulator enquiries management
  • Forensic audits on service provider spend
  • Fraud, corruption and criminal reporting
  • Stolen and hijacked vehicle recovery services
  • Risk segmentation and analytics services
  • Risk evaluation and survey
  • Record keeping of all involved in criminal schemes

Not only will you reap the benefits from our quality validations inclusive of a professional legal review, but you will also share in invaluable fraud / crime trends and be furnished with your own unique data to apply in underwriting and risk mitigation.

Loss Adjusting

Our experienced assessors and adjusters are adept at identifying potentially high risk claims to instantly respond.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

EOH-FS provides the following recovery service:

  1. Search and identification of stolen vehicles in short- and long-term parking areas / pounds / stockyards
  2. Identification to determine interests of underwriters on stolen vehicles
  3. Clearance, dotting and release of stolen recovered vehicles
  4. Arrange for upliftment of stolen recovered vehicles to underwriter salvage / auction partners
  5. Assistance with dealer stocking / deregistration / authority processes
  6. Cross-border repatriation on ad-hoc request and prior agreement

Pre-Employment / Employee Integrity and Claims Pre-Assessment

The Layered Voice Analysis (LVAi, RA7 & LVA6.50) is a non-intrusive, language-independent and accurate tool to identify truthfulness and deception, amongst other things. EOH uses the proprietary technology of Nemesysco to establish the level of risk associated with the relevant subject in order to channel / segment to the correct processing method.

The application of the technology is very wide, but EOH applies the technology in the following instances:

  • Pre-employment and employee integrity verification
  • Risk exposure analysis of policies and procedures
  • Insurance claims segmentation

Download our Short Term Industry Brochure

Download our Short Term Industry Brochure

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