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Our assessors are adept at assessing all manner of short term insurance claims and can help you ensure that all payable claims are valid. Take a look at our areas of service…

Short Term Insurance Claims Assessing and Verification

EOH specialises in the assessing and verification of property claims across the entire scope of short term insurance cover. The comprehensive merit process includes:

  • Determination of quantum, and validity of a claim
  • Procuring all relevant information, supporting proof of quantum
  • Procuring all information and quotations on behalf of the insurer / broker / insured
  • Quantifying and adjustment of lost, damaged or stolen property
  • Assisting with blacklisting / circulation / listing of stolen property or vehicles
  • Detailed feedback based on customer preference throughout the process
  • Legal review by practicing attorney prior to reporting back to the underwriter
  • Comprehensive report with supporting documentation / information as well as indexed photobook
  • Managing ombudsman complaints / advisory services i.t.o. litigation

Not only will you reap the benefits from our quality validations inclusive of a professional legal review, but you will also share in invaluable fraud / crime trends and be furnished with your own unique data to apply in underwriting and risk mitigation.

Why make use of our Loss Adjusting services?

Insurers are increasingly searching for ways to gain control over claims expenses. By keeping claim and additional processing costs under control, insurers can keep premiums competitive. For decades, accurate and fair loss adjusting in the short-term insurance industry has played a key role in the sustainability of affordable short-term insurance premiums.

Quick speed of service and accurate claims quantification has, however, become the norm to a more demanding claimant. The pressure on claims staff in the high-volume claims processing environment more than often leads to unforced errors and misinterpretation of recommendations in loss adjuster reports – resulting in unnecessary claims leakage.

Our skilled and experienced loss adjusters utilise the EOH In-house developed Android and iOS compatible mobile loss adjusting application to assess; complete an electronic inventory signed by the claimant; and quantify losses.  We are a level 2 BBB-EE contributor and a wholly owned subsidiary of the EOH Group.  EOH-FS were also awarded national and international awards during 2014 – 2016.  Our experienced assessors are adept at identifying potentially high risk claims during assessing and instantly alert the insurer.

Our services extend to not only loss adjusting, but also to share information with our clients such as management information, underwriting considerations / recommendations and notifications of fraud trends.

Legal Support

EOH works closely with a firm of attorneys and can assist with various legal related challenges, including:

  • Legal review of recommendations by practicing attorneys pre-submission
  • Legal advice post-claim i.e. ombudsman complaints / litigation
  • Complimentary legal review on all claim validations

Motor Salvage

EOH assessors will provide the following salvage service:

  1. Search and identification of stolen vehicles in short- and long-term parking areas / pounds / stockyards
  2. Identification to determine interests of underwriters on stolen vehicles
  3. Clearance, dotting and release of stolen recovered vehicles
  4. Arrange for upliftment of stolen recovered vehicles to underwriter salvage / auction partners
  5. Assistance with dealer stocking / deregistration / authority processes
  6. Cross-border repatriation on ad-hoc request and prior agreement

Pre-Employment / Employee Integrity and Claims Pre-Assessment

The Layered Voice Analysis (LVAi, RA7 & LVA6.50) is a non-intrusive, language-independent and accurate tool to identify truthfulness and deception, amongst other things. EOH uses the proprietary technology of Nemesysco to establish the level of risk associated with the relevant subject in order to channel / segment to the correct processing method.

The application of the technology is very wide, but EOH applies the technology in the following instances:

  • Pre-employment and employee integrity verification
  • Risk exposure analysis of policies and procedures
  • Insurance claims segmentation

The Insurance App Suite

An application designed specifically to suit the non-motor and motor claim requirements of the customer, from pre-inception throughout the policy lifecycle.

The scanning functionality limits the most common human errors and delivers very powerful management information in terms of risk. Benefits include:

COST — No input capital investment required which makes the app affordable to all insurers, regardless of budget constraints

BRANDING — Client has the option to brand the app with his own corporate logo which will enhance brand awareness

CUSTOMISATION — Layout, specific requirements and instructions are flexible and can be customised according to underwriter / client preference

APPLICABLE — The suite caters for all short term insurance and specific life insurance business, from pre-inception of property / vehicles, through stock management in terms of salvage, and most importantly claims management and quantification

INTERACTIVE — Customer and employee interaction is possible

RETENTION — Customer, broker and vendor loyalty due to making it easier to interact with the insurer / procurement / sales / claims departments

The app also makes provision in terms of the following capabilities:

  1. A single workspace where the assessor has a summarised view of the whole claim and all the components as stipulated on the policy schedule
  2. A standardised assessment process whereby standard templates will be used to guide the assessor during the assessment process
  3. An efficient assessment process allowing the assessor to search, filter and even move items without duplication or recapturing
  4. System driven costing calculations for percentages on one-third average calculations for example, and distinguishing between valuable and non-valuable items
  5. Real-time, user-friendly inventory items with capturing, preview and digital signing capabilities
  6. System-generated reports inclusive of all information captured during the assessment process
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Download our Short Term Industry Brochure

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