Truth Verification

Use of alternative pro-active anti-fraud tool

EOH is resolute in endeavours to mitigate clients’ risk exposure in terms of theft, fraud, dishonesty and corruption. We are constantly investigating proactive prevention through the employment of amongst others, predictive analytics as well as reactively bringing to book those who chance their hands in criminal or dishonest activities.

EOH utilise Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) technology and specifically LVA-RA7 to segment risk.  This interactive evaluation platform measures the emotional content and the “integrity risk” potential in various categories, allowing the subject to express themselves freely in a natural language they are most comfortable with. The system supports both fully automated computerised testing, as well as operator assisted over-the-phone examination of remote parties using scripted protocols.

Download our Truth Verification Brochure

Download our Truth Verification Brochure

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