Truth Verification

Use of alternative pro-active anti-fraud tool

EOH is resolute in endeavours to mitigate client’s risk exposure in terms of theft, fraud, dishonesty and corruption. We are constantly investigating proactive prevention through the employment of amongst others, predictive analytics as well as reactively bringing to book those who chance their hands in criminal or dishonest activities.

Although we have been working hard at maturing predictive analytic systems and business rules of our clients, we still receive false positive referrals. In our drive to reduce false positive referrals, EOH acquired the rights of use of technology in 2013 from Nemesysco. The application of the technology is extensive, but EOH utilises it in the process of the identification of risk to segment it to the correct operating channels. Once appointed on a matter by a client, the risks associated are determined and categorised into different risk exposure categories, each with appropriate directed risk mitigating actions in order to both improve the speed of service delivery, as well as reducing residual risk exposure.

The Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) referred to as a pre- or risk-assessment analysis, is technology that detects and monitors a very wide spectrum of ‘Brain Activity States’ which include excitement, cognitive activity, stress, concentration, confusion, attention, anticipation and in some cases even more complex emotional structures like love. A series of complex and sophisticated algorithms calculate risk in the process of extracting more than 120 emotional data parameters from each voice segment.

The LVA-RA7 employed by EOH as a risk segmentation tool is an interactive evaluation platform that measures the emotional content and the “integrity risk” potential in various topics, allowing the tested parties to express themselves freely in a natural speaking form and in the language, they are most comfortable with. The system supports both fully automated computerised testing, as well as operator assisted over-the-phone examination of remote parties using scripted protocols.


EOH’s verification process guarantees a very high rate of accuracy, is very affordable and provides immediate non-intrusive results. The LVA-RA7 does not replace any predictive analytics, skills specific-, attitude and aptitude, or audit risk testing normally used by our clients, but enhances the ability of our clients to make informed decisions in terms of required actions to follow much quicker.

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Download our Truth Verification Brochure

Download our Truth Verification Brochure

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