Your lifeboat solution in weathering stormy volumes

We are happy to announce that EOH-FS as well as EOH-Abantu have launched a new solution – STI Assessing Services – that can assist your business with the unpredictability of claim volumes as well as expert advice.  Our competent, experienced and skilled advisors can assist with internal capacity shortages / catastrophe claims and any overflow claims.

The 3 solutions available to you are:

(1) MBR – Motor Body Repairs

EOH-Abantu with a team of assessors perform Digital Assessments on damaged motor vehicles to determine the cost of the repairs due to the incident, or if the motor vehicle will need to be written off dependent on the write off requirement / process of the insurer.  The team can also perform moderations and audits where necessary.

(2) Loss Adjusting

There are many claims that cannot be verified telephonically and would require an individual to follow up on facts and establish what transpired, what was damaged / stolen and also if there is actually cover for the incident.  Our loss adjusting team has added tremendous value to insurers over the last few months due to all the catastrophe claims that have hit the country. The team handles the following types of claims: Motor Accident, Motor Theft, Contents, All Risk, and Building.  The loss adjustor will visit the scene, validate the incident and compile a report.  By utilising our unique Mobile Application, he will also perform a value at risk on contents claims which will be accompanied by a report.

The loss adjusting team also assists with ad hoc requests that are required on claims from time to time.  Requests can range from obtaining hospital records to specific investigations such as the usage of a vehicle.  Due to our knowledge and skills on fraud, we are in the position to channel claims to a more in-depth investigation should any irregularities be identified during the loss adjusting stage, without disrupting the client or creating more delays in terms of starting the investigation afresh.

(3) Desktop Assessments

Our new offering can assist insurers with their overflow work as well as catastrophe claims digitally.  The type of claims which are handled on a Desktop basis are – Motor Theft, Motor Accident, Contents and All Risk claims.  This solution allows you to have peace of mind whilst the claims are being handled by a professional team that has had exposure to many risk variations.

Our solutions are designed to address any need whether it be unforeseen claims influxes or requiring a team of experienced advisors who can process large volumes of claims on a fast track basis to ensure service excellence to your clients!

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